PrimroseThe Campion Family of Danny Park, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.Primrose

Danny House, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. C.1960/70.

Primrose League Féte at Danny Park, 6th July 1910.
Whilst the house was owned at this time by W. H. Campion it seems likely that the Féte was connected with the interests of his son, W. R. Campion.

Col. William Henry Campion. C.B. (1902), V.D.

Was the eldest son of W. J. Campion of Danny Park, Sussex, D.L., J.P. (died 1869). He was born in 1836 and married in 1869 Gertrude Brand J.P. (1920) Kent and Sussex, 2nd daughter of the 1st Viscount Hampton. Was D.L., J.P. for Sussex and late Captain of the 72nd and 53rd Foot, Lt-Col. and Hon. Col of the 2nd Vol. Battn. Royal Sussex Regt., 1897-1902. Was from 1903 Hon. Col. 4th Battn Royal Sussex Regt. Resided at Danny Park, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. He died 3rd December 1923.

Extracts from the London Gazette.

Col. Sir William Robert Campion. K.C.M.G. (1924), D.S.O. (1917), T.D.(1914), D.L., J.P.

Was the eldest son of Col. William Henry Campion C.B., V.D., D.L., J.P. of Danny Park, Sussex (died 1923) and the Hon. Gertrude Brand daughter of the Ist Viscount Hampden, P.C., G.C.B. He was born 3rd July 1870 and educated at Eton and New College Cambridge. Married on the 5th July 1894 Katharine Mary (member of the house of laity, Church Assembly, 1935), 3rd daughter of the Hon. Rev. William Byron. Had issue 2 sons and 2 daughters. Lt-Col. 4th Battn. Royal Sussex Regt. 1915, Col. 1924, Ret. 1927. M.P. (Conservative) Sussex (Lewis divn.) 1910, (Conservative Unionist) 1918, (Conservative) 1922-24. D.L., J.P. (1904) Sussex. Governor of Western Australia 1924-1931. Director of Great Boulder Proprietary Gold Mines Ltd. Knight of the Order of St. John. Moved from the family home at Danny Park, Hurstpierpoint to The Ham, Hassocks. Sussex C.1947. He died on 2nd January 1951.

Extracts from the London Gazette.


Danny House. C.2006.
This impressive Elizabethan Mansion was built 1593-95 by George Goring. The name Danny is a corruption of the Saxon Danehithe, meaning 'valley and haven'. It was used from it's inception as a family home, not always by the same family, until just after WW11, then Danny became a school, Montpelier College, which had been transferred from Brighton, but this closed down in 1950. The house was taken over by Mutual Households Association (later Country Houses Association). When Danny Park was sold in the early 1980s, the new owner disposed of some of the finest paintings in the house, including portraits by Johnson representing members of the Campion family. They were sold at Sotheby's, London, 11th July 1984 and included portraits of Sir William Campion (lot 17), Mary Campion (lot 18) and Elizabeth Campion (18). It was bought by Richard and Rachael Burrows in 2004, to maintain it as serviced apartments for retired people and as a family business. In 2007, Danny House will be celebrating 50 years as a retirement home.

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