Saturday September 6th 1913.

Note: Whilst reading the following text it should be remembered that Michael Maybrick was also known as Stephen Adams (a famous Victorian/Edwardian vocalist and composer) -- it is also claimed that he was the brother of 'Jack the Ripper'.

The funeral of the late Mr. Michael Maybrick J.P. took place at Ryde, on Saturday, amidst universal tokens of sorrow. There was hardly a business establishment in the town which did not display some sign of mourning, while the flags on the public buildings, clubs etc. were lowered to half-mast. A correspondent with a very long experience of public obsequies in the Island writes that he has never seen so large an attendance, manifesting such evident signs of grief as for a personal loss.

The first part of the service took place at the Ryde Parish church of All Saints', the officiating clergy being the Vicar of Ryde (the Rev. Hugh Le Fleming, M.A.), the Rev. W. G. Whittam, M.A. (formerly headmaster of the IW College, a staunch friend of the deceased gentleman), and the Rev. C. L. Blake, M.A.

Michael Maybrick - alias Stephen Adams
Michael Maybrick.
Three o'clock was the time fixed for the commencement of the service, but the congregation began to assemble three-quarters of an hour before that time. The seating arrangements were most admirably directed by the churchwardens (Mr. J. Benham Purnell and Dr. K. W. I. Mackenzie), assisted by Messrs. W. Airs, Berry, A. Drake, and Masters. At quarter to 3 the R.M.A. Band, under Sergt. R. S. Baxter, seated near the organ in the north aisle, played Chopin's 'Marche funebre'. The genius-inspired strains of this grand classic composition thrilled the hearers, its now tearful, now jubilant cadences and crescendoes being rendered with telling and sympathetic artistry. The music, too, seemed solemnised and emphasised by the heavy boom at lengthy intervals of the muffled church knell. The choir took their places at 10 minutes to 3, by which time the church was full. Just after the Mayor and Corporation arrived in full state, wearing their robes, the Aldermen in scarlet gowns and the Councillors in purple. They were preceded by the mace-bearer (Mr. E. Sothcott) carrying the mace, draped with crepe. There were present Mayor (Ald. G. A. Blackall, J.P.), Mr. W. Hammond Riddett, J.P., the Town Clerk (Mr. C. Greaves Vincent), Ald. E. Groves, J.P., G. E. Mears, F. W. Randall, J.P., and W. H. Thirkell, Councillors C. J. de Launay, E. G. Stroud, W. E. Weeks, W. Dore, Arthur Andrews, J.P., H. G. Jolliffe, A. Ball, and A.F. Weir, the Deputy Town Clerk (Mr. C. H. Collis), the borough surveyor (Mr. C. Mathew), the sanitary Inspector (Mr. J Eldridge), and Mr. F. W. Munt (borough auditor). Ald. H. Sweetman, J.P., joined the procession later on its way to the Cemetery. The other magistrates present in church, but not in the civic procession included Mr. H. H. Pollard, C.A., Mr P Thellusson, Mr. E. T. Minter, C.C., and Mr. A. Holmes. Mr. S. Fowler was prevented from attending by absence from the town, but was represented by his son (Mr. J. E. Fowler). The following represented the Ryde Lodge of Freemasons: Col. E.W. Cradock, J.P., Mr. H. G. Nutt, Mr. E. R. Ratcliffe, Mr. H.J. Osborne, Mr. H. Durrant, Mr. E. C. Loader, Mr Bertram Hill, Dr. Carter, Major C. Sweetman, Col. F. Dashwood, Major J. Ellery, Mr. J. H. Down, Mr G. H. Thurston, and Dr. L. L. Preston. The I.W. County Magistrates present were Mr. J. H. Oglander, D.L., Col. E. Howard-Brooke, Mr C. Scaramanga-Ralli, and Mr. J. Dore, C.A., with the Chief Constable (Capt. Adams-Connor, D.L., M.V.O.) and the Clerk to the Justices (Mr. John Fardell). Messrs. George Fardell and F. R. Tebbs and Capt. Meares represented the Tennis Club and Mr G. Mullins, the Ryde Club. The I.W. Conservative Association was represented by Sir Edmund Simeon, J.P. (president), Mr. J. A. Veitch, J.P., Col. Macdonald Moreton, Mr J. B. Denison and Mr. T. S. Ablewhite (secretary). Mr Ablewhite also represented Mr. Douglas B. Hall, M.P., who regretted his inability to attend owing to absence on a yachting tour. Mr. H. A. Paxton and Mr A. S. Gordon (secretary) represented the I. W. County Hospital, the house surgeon (Dr. Horsburgh) and the matron (Miss E. C. Antram) of which were also present. The Ryde Conservative and Unionist Club was represented by Messrs. F. Shotter, J. W. Jackson, F. S. Garrett, H. Crump, L. C. Woods, and E. V. Matthews. Mr Matthews also represented the I. W. Rose Society, the Ryde Exhibitions and Horticultural Association, and the Ryde Advertising Association. Mr. A. G. Stickland and Mr. R. H. Pitt represented the Sandown Conservative Association. The Ryde Cricket Club was represented by Mr. W. E. Grant and Mr. B. H. Gulliver. Mr. G. Ford and Sergt.-Major Keefe represented the Ryde Habitation of the Primrose League. Mr C. B. Hair and Mr. J. H. Grimes represented the Ryde Philharmonic Society. The IW County Press Company was represented by Mr. G. A. Brannon (managing director), Mr. W. H. Dann, B.A. (editor), and Mr. T. Lee (consulting editor). Capt. W. D. Stanney represented the Ryde Pier Company and Mr. G. H. French the Joint Railway companies. The Ryde Free Church Council was represented by the Rev. H. H. Turner, the Rev. J. A. Ashworth, the Ref. R. J. Harris and Mr. E. Searle. Those also present included Dr. P. D. Turner, Dr. T. A. Buck, Dr. J. W. Pridmore, Dr. F. J. Wadham, Miss Corrie and two nurses from the Ryde District Nursing Institution, the Rev. Canon Phillips, the Rev. T. Brackenbury, the Rev. G. A. Shuttle, the Dowager Lady Calthorpe and the Hon. Mabel Gough Calthorpe, Gen. R. S. Fetherstonhaugh, C.B., Mr F. Templeman Mew, J.P., Col. W. L. Clayton, Major E. C. Murray, Col. Worthington Wilmer, Mr. G. P. Quayle, Mr Wenman Blake, Mr Selby Hall, Col. R. M. England, Mr. E. H. Stanfield, Mr Alfred Dashwood, Mr. E. Wilson, Mr. G. H. Yelf and Mr S. J. Hinds (Newport), and Messrs. Lionel Olive (Ventnor, J. Marsh (Shanklin), W. Watts, H. A. Wade, J. Toms, A. Wellesley Hill, J. G. Duffett, P. V. Coombes, T. G. Herring, J. W. Wheeler, W. Coombes, A. E. Coombes, A. H. Locke, J. B. Coombes, C. H. Wyatt, J. Wheeler (chairman of the St. Helens District Council), W. H. Mundy (Sandown), H. Waite, W. J. Pritchard, W. C. Pearce, J. C. Hall, G. Godfrey, F. Morrant, L. Labet (representing Messrs. John Morgan and Son), J. W. Trodd, W. Wheeler, A. H. Osborne, F. G. Burton, H. D. Williams, T. Aylward, J Priestly, J. C. Beazley, I.S.M., R. Young, C.C., S. Hay, W. Moore, Daubuz, G. Bennett, E. C. Bentall, F. F. Farrand, W. Abraham, E. T. Newnham, R. Colenutt, H. W. Barford, Alexander, F. Lightfoot, W. Wood, E. Damp, F. S. Watt, G Dash, J. W. Howell, S. Bulley (Brading), H. Long and H. Grinham. The following ladies were also present: Lady Redford, Mrs. Meares, Mrs. de Launay and Miss K. de Launay, Mrs H. Sweetman, Mrs. G. Halsted, Mrs. F. Morrant, Mrs Dann, Mrs. C. Sweetman, Mrs. Mackenzie, Mrs H. B. Grant, Mrs. W. H. Nutter, Miss Turpin, Miss Carey, Mrs Wadham, Mrs. J. D. Davies, Mrs. Howard-Brooke, Mrs. Daubuz, Mrs. L. Olive, Miss Henry, Miss Wright, and Mrs. Morphey.

The funeral cortege arrived at the church with clocklike punctuality. The body was met at the north door by the officiating clergy. The Rev. C. L. Blake read the opening sentences as the flower covered coffin, with its beautiful and touchingly inscribed tributes of roses, lilies and other sweet flowers, passed up the central aisle, followed by the mourners, the organist (Mr. Welsh) playing soft music. The personal mourners were: Mr Thomas Maybrick and Mr Edwin Maybrick (brothers), Mr. George Turketyne (nephew), Mr. John I. Barton, Mr. Arthur Boosey, and Dr. J. D. Davies, with six servants from Lynthorpe. Lord Tennyson represented H.R.H. Princess Beatrice, Governor of the Isle of Wight.
Psalm xc. (Domine refugium) was beautifully sung with exquisite feeling, manifested in the sweetly soft rendering by the choir to a beautiful chant. The Psalm telling how we 'fade away suddenly like the grass' touched many by the appropriateness of its fine phrasing. The Rev. W. G. Whittam read the lesson, after which the pathetic but consoling hymn 'When our heads are bowed with', was finely sung to Redhead's fitting and moving music. The crowded congregation, filling every part of Ryde's grandly beautiful fane, feelingly joined in the hymn. The Vicar, standing at the head of the coffin, said the prayers usually taken in church and prayed for 'rest, refreshment, and peace' for the departed. The hymn 'Nearer, my God, to Thee' was next sung, and the service in church closed with a fitting rendering of the sublime 'Dead march' in Saul by the Band. The superb composition, with its grand sweet chords, was most ably interpreted, by the sweet singing of the strings and the throbbing roll of the drums, the burst of triumphant music at the close, making a fine climax.
The cortege, in which Mr. Maybrick's carriage took part, was then reformed and proceeded through the crowded street to the Cemetery. The hearse was covered with lovely blooms and the other tributes were conveyed in a motorcar and wagonette. There was a large concourse of people at the Cemetery. The brick grave, which was lined with evergreens and heliotrope coloured flowers, is on the north side near the path. The concluding part of the service was said by the Rev. W. G. Whittam. Nearly every one present seized the opportunity of taking the last look at the coffin containing the mortal remains of the greatly beloved Stephen Adams. It was of massive oak, with brass furniture, and bore the following inscription: -

Died 26th August, 1913
Aged 69 years.

Among the great quantity of beautiful floral tributes especially noticeable were lovely floral harps sent by the Ryde Philharmonic society, Mr. John I. Barton, Mrs. Hugh Meares, Mrs. Fuller, the Ryde Club, the Newport Primrose League, and Gintia Puzzi. The I.W. Conservative Association sent a beautiful wreath of cornflowers, scarlet geraniums, white lilies, and tuberoses. That from the Ryde Conservative Club was similarly effective, being composed of red geraniums, blue asters and lilium auratum. The wreath from the directors of the County Press was of beautiful lilium rubrum, lilium album, white chrysanthemums, gypsophilla, &c.
The fill list follows: Mrs. Maybrick, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Archibald Clarke, Lt.-Col. H. A. R. May, V.D., and officers of the County of London Batt. Artists Rifles, Union Club (Buxton), Mrs. Hugh Meares and family, Mrs. Saunders, Sir Philip Waterlow, Trinity College of Music, Miss Ethel M. Hurst, Mrs. Fuller, the Ryde Club, The Newport Habitation of the Primrose League, Gintia Puzzi, Miss Turpin (Newland, Ryde), Ald. Francis Pittis, J.P., Lady Calthorpe, Mr. John I. Barton, Major and Mrs. C. Sweetman, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Mew, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Denman Croft-Murray, Dr. and Mrs. Bennett, Belle and Sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Axel Roberg, Mr. and Mrs. George Zethrin, Nell and Val, Col. and Mrs. Metcalf, Mrs. Lincoln Phene and Adela, Mr. and Mrs C. Scaramanga-Ralli, Ryde Bowling Club, Mrs. Perrott and family, Ryde Advertising Association, Ryde Rowing Club, Mr. and Mrs. Pearce Foster, Tom, Julie and Ethel, G. J. Turketyne (nephew), Ellen, Alex., Annie, Rann, Fred, Bessant (servants at Lynthorpe), Royal I. W. County Hospital (Governors), I.W. County Press (Directors), Sir Edmund and Lady Simeon, Ald. Henry Sweetman, J.P., Colonel, Mrs., and the Misses Carey, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Stroud, Lady Daly, Ryde Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, the Mayor and Corporation of Ryde, Lieut.-Col. J. E. Rhodes, Mrs. Fletcher, the brethren of the Rose Croix Lodge, Wooten Club, Ryde Cricket Club, Nursing committee and staff (Ryde District Nursing Association), Dr. Mackenzie, Ryde Working Men's Conservative Club, Mrs and the Misses Wade, Mrs. Wickenden, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Hewitt, R.M.A. Band, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Hall, Col. Howard Brooke, J.P., Mrs. Shaw Yates, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Dann, Miss Watkins, the Ryde Philharmonic Society, Capt. and Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. Player Brigstocke, Mrs. W. H. Nutter, Edith, Edwin, Amy, and Doris, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Ablewhite, Mrs. George Brett, Edgar Waterlow, Gladys and Gay Shaw Yates, Col. Hickman Morgan, the Misses Blunt, I. W. Conservative Association, Ryde Conservative and Unionist Club, Oxford University Extension Lecture Society, the Misses Kate and May Whithers, Mr. and Mrs. William Trussell, Mr and Mrs Arthur Boosey, the staff of the Royal I.W. County Hospital, Mr. Edgar R. Ratcliffe, Sandown Conservative and Unionist Club, Mrs. Rotheram Cecil, Col. and Mrs. Moreton, the Sandown Working Men's Conservative and Unionist Club.
The funeral was most efficiently carried out by Mr C. Langdon.
The police arrangements were ably superintended by the Chief Constable (Mr. Charles Greenstreet).

Capt. Frank King, of Newport, was unavoidably prevented from attending. Mr. Robey F. Eldridge, J.P., and Ald. F. Pittis, J.P. of Newport, also regretted being unable to attend.

The wreaths sent by Messrs. Douglas Hall and Scaramanga-Ralli, the Ryde Conservative Club, I.W. Conservative Association, Ryde Philharmonic Society, Oxford Extension Society, County Hospital, Ryde Advertising Association, and others, were supplied by Mr. John Dimmick, of High Street.


At the Ryde Police court, on Monday, the Mayor (Ald. G. A. Blackall) said: 'Before we commence the business of the Court I should like to say how deeply we regret the loss of our comrade, Mr. Michael Maybrick, a gentleman who has rendered splendid service to the town, and who for five years as chief magistrate very ably presided over this Court. We regret intensely the loss we have suffered and trust that Mrs. Maybrick, and all those connected with her, may be sustained in their sad loss'.

At the Gospel Forward Movement on Sunday, Mr. J. R. Dore, the chairman, in referring to the death of Mr Maybrick said: 'We are all conscious of having sustained a very heavy loss by the passing away of Mr. Maybrick from our midst. As we ponder over the past, we can recall many pleasing and self-denying acts that he was ever so willing to do on our behalf and that of a movement in which he always took the deepest interest. He was ever ready to serve for the good of mankind and of the community at large. We shall remember with gratitude the valuable service he rendered at our bazaar, held in October 1910, at the Town hall, while he was holding the office of Mayor of Ryde. We were then honoured by his presence and also that of the Mayoress (Mrs. Maybrick). It was their pleasure on that occasion to concentrate their valuable interest on the ceremony, thereby making it a complete success by which both our church and the G.F.M. have been largely benefited. Mr Maybrick also presided on more than one occasion at our Sunday afternoon meeting, his presence and substantial help ever affording an inspiration and encouragement to all present. We shall miss his genial presence and help in the future'.

It was his duty as a representative of the movement to call upon them to record a vote of condolence with the widow and bereaved relatives, commending them in truest sympathy to the Source of all comfort and strength in their sore and sad bereavement. The citizens of Ryde were all in mourning that day. They had lost one of their best public men. The world had lost Stephen Adams. They had lost Mr Maybrick, whose life was lived in their midst. Mr. Maybrick had left behind him in that town a long record of honourable service to the community, and his magnanimous nature, kindly disposition, and intolerance of everything mean, narrow, and ignoble, would long remain an inspiration in the efforts of those whose hearts were touched by human necessity. His example, therefore, would be a great incentive to all in that G.F.M. While expressing condolence with his widow and with all who shared in his domestic affection and care and commending all these to the love of a gracious God, they also in solemn act of silent thanksgiving thanked Him, whose choicest gift to the world was the gift of good men, conspicuous among whom was their lamented townsman, Mr. Michael Maybrick. The congregation immediately rose and stood in silence to carry the resolution.

A correspondent of the Daily Telegraph writes: 'It is a curious fact that the late Mr. Quaritch (the prince of booksellers) and the late Mr. Michael Maybrick were both members of 'B' company of the Artists Corps of Volunteers together, and left the corps about the same time, some 20 years ago. They were both buried at the same time on Saturday'.

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